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Private Policies:

1. The member is ought to respect the organizational culture of our existence in relation to the vision and mission of ImageDoctors-International®.

2. ImageDoctors-International® is neither pre-occupied nor confined by a particular denomination, career, gender, ethnicity, geographical boundaries or any other form of social classism.


3. ImageDoctors-International® is not affiliated to any political party either locally or internationally.

4. Once registered, every member is entitled to receive equal benefits and rights in this organization according to the type of membership that the individual has subscribed his or herself.

5. The request for membership (part 4 above) is subject to approval or rejection by the Organization Board and/or as stated in the constitution of the ImageDoctors-International®.

6. Membership is solely acknowledged, valued and authorized as far as the member pays stated annual fees at an acceptable time.

7. Membership is solely recognized, treasured and validated only the moment the member remains loyal to the terms and conditions of subscriptions of the ImageDoctors-International®.

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