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Marangu Outreach Mission

In November 2011 a team of ImageDoctors visited Mwika village in Marangu. Marangu is located in the Northern East of Kilimanjaro region. The team settled at Mwika Dispensary from 9:30am to 4pm where was able to attend 132 men and women who were ageing 45years and above. These individuals benefited from various services including;- screening for Obesity by measuring individuals' Body Mass Index (Kg/m2); screeing for Hypertension by measuring individual's Diastolic and Systolic Blood Pressures (mmHg), and respective Random Blood Glucose in (mmols/L). On the other side, clients who were known to be Hypertensive and/or Diabetic not on regular medications were counseled to adhere to regular medications. Risk factors for various diseases were discussed and preventive measures were shared at the level of one-team-member-to-one client.


And those with Uncontrolled Diabetes mellitus and Uncontrolled Hypertension were elicited and further attended by respective Physician. Only those whose status were pre-established prior to this visit had an opportunity to receive medications which were made available by the Mwika Dispensary. Unexpectedly, Dr. E. Shao, MD, Msc. MMIM, was called to attend a pregnant woman in labour ward. Dr. Shao found that the woman had pre-Eclampsia. He urgently referred her to Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center (KCMC) for delivery under specialized services. Safe delivery was later reported to the team!

The team, appreciated the participation of the Clinical Officer of the Dispensary and, furthermore, Prof. John Shao, -once the Executive Director of KCMC and Vice Chancellor of Tumaini University, who closely observed step-after-step of the services administered by the team of ImageDoctors!

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